DYFI was formed in Ludhiana on 3rd November 1980. Prior to formation, the leaders of KSYF of Kerala, Socialist Valibar organisation of Tamil Nadu, Nav Jawan Sabha of Punjab, DYF of West Bengal etc assembled in Delhi and gave shape to a Preparatory Committee. This committee conducted a conference in Ludhiana from 1st to 3rd November for the formation of DYFI. The constitution and programme of the new organisation was adopted in this conference.

DYFI is a forward looking and progressive youth organisation inspired by anti-imperialist, democratic and socialist ideas who take up the idea of organising the young men and young women of our country. It is a powerful movement fighting for the democratic and progressive social system, upliftment and betterment of the youth community as a whole.

DYFI aspires to be the platform in which young women and men organises in every village, town and city to bring about progress towards democracy in our society. We are the youth whose love for our mother land, whose patriotism, prompts us to free our mother land from backwardness and lead it to genuine modernity. Backwardness means unscientific thinking holding sway on the society at every level, caste system,gender inequality and suppression, violation of secularism etc.

DYFI declares its intention to build a broad based, democratic and progressive youth movement in India, embracing every young man and woman who is pledged to fight for the uplift and betterment of our youth as a whole.

DYFI pledges to fight for the full democratic rights of youth of both men and women; DYFI primary slogan is "Jobs for all, Education for all".

DYFI stands for the uncurtailed right to democratic and independent expression and behavior, and the right to form assemblies and associations of youth.

DYFI seeks to organise and mobilise youth to fight against the forces of authoritarianism and dictatorship, and in defence of the uncurtailed democratic rights and freedoms of our people.

DYFI works for the right of youths to participate in the activities of public bodies through the representatives of the organised youth.

DYFI strives to inculcate among the young men and women a sense of responsibility and secular and democratic consciousness as citizens of the multi-national Indian Union, so that they fight against every manifestation of discrimination and oppression based on race, sex, caste, religion, language and region, and to work for communal harmony, secularism, democracy and social equality.

DYFI fights for the establishment of a scientific and democratic educational system which will be easily accessible for all boys and girls.

DYFI makes sustained efforts to inculcate among the youth advanced social, cultural and moral values, and to fight against all manifestations of backward and decadent culture and obscurantist and outmoded outlook on life.

DYFI expresses its strong desire, and works for the establishment of fraternal and cordial relations with other youth organisations in our country which stand for secularism, democracy, and social advance, and expresses its readiness to have united action with other youth organisations on commonly agreed issues and demands.

DYFI takes active part in the struggle for the liquidation of all forms of colonialism and neo-colonialism and in the struggle against the fetters of monopoly capitalism and feudal and semi-feudal landlordism in our national economy, and thus pave the way for the establishment of popular democracy and a socialist order of society.

The youth as an integral part of society shall extend its solidarity to all the democratic struggles of the workers, peasants, middle class and all other progressive strata and individuals, and it seeks the co-operation and support of all other democratic forces for the cause of youth and its struggles.

The DYFI makes sustained efforts to imbibe and spread the ideas of anti-imperialism, national independence, democracy and socialism. DYFI extends its solidarity and support to all the forces fighting for national independence, democracy, peace and socialism, and against the forces of war and aggression.