Campaign rallies in various places in Palakkad district of Kerala of YOUTH OCEAN

15th August 2016 - 70th Independence day. 70 years of Independence and more than 200 years old tradtion of struggle for independence. Unfortunately, our country is being ruled by forces who were not part of this historic struggle for independence. DYFI is commemorating the 70th independence day with a call to the youth of India to join the struggle for restoring the secular traditions of the country. Let us all join hands so that another Akhlaque or Inayatulla khan does not happen. Let us make the circle wider so that they do not dare to kill another Rohith Vemula. Let us bridge the gap so that no other UNA take place. Let us protect our nation from the Gaurakshaks and others. Let us make our country livable for the minorities and the majorities, Dalits.

Even after 70 years lakhs of farmers are forced to commit suicide, many others are bound to live with half or empty stomach, a majority is pushed to the peripheries of cities, discrimination is the order of the state with women, dalits and muslims and the poor being the usual targets. Let us try to bring an end all such discriminations in the name of class, caste, gender and religion.

Let each of us become a drop of the "YOUTH OCEAN". We congratulate DYFI Kerala State Committee for building up a wave in Kerala with the Youth Ocean programme of 15th August, where more than 10 lakhs of youth will be joining hands with the following slogans.

Reject Communalism !
Be a part of Secularist forces !

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