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Atrocities against women has been increasing drastically. There are such terrific coming up from various parts of the country. In Tamil nadu a young lady was hacked to death in broad day light. A dalit girl was brutally raped by upper caste men. A 3 year old child was raped two days back, a lady was burnt for not accepting proposal from a man, there has been many such incidents reported in last one month in Chennai.

Atrocity against women is the bye product of the unabated discrimination in the society. DYFI organised protests to protest these incidents and to open eyes of the authority. We have to challenge patriarchy and we have to set new rules of living with equal rights to woman and man.

India is completing 70 years of independence tomorrow. Our nation far from becoming a sovereign, secular and socialist state has taken the reverse path. This is a time to remind us and others of the heroic anti-imperialist struggle the country has gone through.

Dalit Pride march is going on in a small town Una of Gujarat which is turning out to be a gathering spot of all secular egalitarian polity in India. It is unfortunate that it is taking place when India is celebrating 70th year of freedom.

We, DYFI salute this rebellion and be a part of it. We request all who are going to hoist the flag tomorrow to protest on the discrimination and atrocities done to the dalit and minority communities in our country. The new form of oppressors are "Gaurakshaks".

Sunday, 14 August 2016 00:00

DYFI 15th Delhi State Conference

The Conference is taking place amidst huge turmoil in our country. Delhi is at the hot seat. The organisation is working among the underprivileged youth in the city. The conference elected a 33 member State Committee with 11 Secretariat members. Pramod Singh is elected as the President, Neel Gagan as the Secretary and Govind as the Treasurer. Revolutionary greetings to the conference. DYFI All India General Secretary Abhoy Mukherjee and All India Joint Secretary Adv. PA Mohamed Riyas greeted the conference on behalf of DYFI Central Executive Committee

Thursday, 28 July 2016 20:48

Face-off in Dadar

NOT COWED DOWN: AIDWA state secretary Sugandhi Francis and DYFI state secretary Priti Sekhar are seen arguing with a man who supported the ban on cow slaughter during a protest at Dadar on Wednesday by Left organisations against the ban on cow slaughter in several states.

In a shocking event, a 23 year old youth, Lenin, committed suicide in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu on 15th July. We come to know that he had been sanctioned an educational loan of 1.90 lakh from State Bank of India. he is a first generation engineer from his family. He has completed his course, but is yet to find a job. Thanks to the "Employment generating policy of Modi Government". In this situation, the Reliance Company and the State Bank of India have been constantly torturing him by demanding repayment of loan. The continuous pressure from the Bank and Reliance and not getting a job forced Lenin to commit suicide.