DYFI Kerala organized Beef fest at Trivandrum as a protest against the ban on beef in Maharashtra

DYFI in Kerala protested against the recent ban on beef in Maharashtra by organizing Beef festival at Trivandrum. Hindus, Muslims and people from all other sections of the society who believes in democracy and secularism joined the beef festival organised by DYFI against the draconian laws which ridiculously take away citizens’ liberty to choose what to eat.

Beef cooked in the open and Hindus and Muslims sitting together for a meal - this was how people in Kerala protested today against the recent ban on the meat in Maharashtra.

Beef means both cows and buffaloes and its consumption has no religious overtones. Not only do some Hindus eat beef, going by sales figures, it is also the most-favoured meat in the state. The annual sale of beef is estimated at 2.3 lakh metric tonnes against the corresponding figure for poultry -- 1.51 lakh metric tonnes.

"I am a Hindu. I should be given the freedom to eat whatever I want, even when I am eating this" said Ajith P from Kannur, who was at the protest of DYFI, at Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday.

Sharing the dish with him was Ajeeth Muhammad. Though a supporter of Muslim League, he said he didn't mind backing a cause. "None of us here have issues with beef consumption. It is part of Kerala's culture. How can we be stopped from eating something we want to?" he said.

Heading the protest, DYFI's P Biju said, "This is a token protest against the ban of beef in Maharashtra and a warning for anyone who would want to implement the same in Kerala. Any ban over our food will not be acceptable." .

Before returning to the Assembly, CPM legislator P Sreeramakrishnan MLA also said, "I eat my beef. And so do many others in Kerala. Nothing will change."

Legislators of Kerala assembly T.V.Rajesh MLA, P.Sreeramakrishnan MLA, K.Radhakrishnan MLA, K V Abdulkhader MLA and R Rajesh MLA participated in the beef festival organised by the DYFI Thiruvanandapuram District committee, Kerala.

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