DYFI protest Demanding justice in Sowjanya Case

A huge protest was staged in front of the DC Office in Mangalore on October 9, Wednesday demanding a CBI probe into the Sowjanya rape and murder case. The protest was organised by the All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA), Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) and Students Federation of India (SFI) in association with various like minded organizations.

Addressing the protesters Member of the Parliament and the President of Kerala State Akhila Bharatha Janathavadi Mahila Sangatane T N Seema said that, this is a continuous denial of Justice to the Sowjanya Murder case. Lot of injustice is going on in this case. She further said that it is shocking that from the past one year our system cannot find out the real culprit, they are not even able to do proper investigation. It is also shocking that the incident has happened in the country where they talk about safety for women. When the country is discussing about curbing the violence on women and to provide safety. Why the police and other concerned authorities are showing special interest in protecting the criminals? Why have they failed to collect evidence? she questioned.

Instead of investigating the case, a mentally challenged person had been arrested, when there are many people involved in this case only Santhosh Rao was targeted and arrested. When Sowjanya's father told the police about the involvement of other three people in his daughter's murder, the police without listening to his statement, targeted a mentally challenged person and arrested him. The police officials under pressure are trying to close this case. When there is pressure from the organizations to hand over this case to the CBI, the concerned authorities are not ready to hand over the case to the CBI.

Seema further said, "When Sowjanya's mother is said to have revealed to the officials that Santosh, the accused under arrest, could not have committed the act by himself. She said that the police had wrongly implicated him in the murder. The girl was killed elsewhere and the body was later dumped at the spot where it was found. She also pointed out that after her daughter had gone missing, she along with other residents had gone in search of her all around. The body was not there during the search, but it was found the next day, which proved that it was placed there much later". But till today there is no proper investigation about the murder case, she opined.

On December 16, 2012 a medical student was gang raped and killed in Delhi, the government brought a strict law against the criminals who are involved in rape. When there was a rape in Delhi, the Prime minister said that he has three daughters and he is concerned about women and their safety even Sushil Kumar Shinde also gave the same statement. In Delhi 60% of the police are deployed for the safety of the politicians and only 40% police are taking care of the general public. The politicians want their daughters to be safe, but what about the women and girls in the country, who will protect them? She questioned.

In our country crores of girls are going to school and colleges, who will protect them? In the constitution it is written about equal rights to men and women. Where do we women have equal rights? Women are being harassed, molested, abused, raped and murdered every minute, she said. She demanded to hand over the case to the CBI and give justice to Sowjanya's family.

JMS president Hemalatha, JMS secretary Kiranaprabha, President DYFI Muneer Katipalla, Secretary DYFI Dayanand, SFI State vice president Renuka Kahar and Marlyn Martis from Mahila Duarjanya Virodhi Vedike were also present.

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