DYFI Tamil Nadu State Committee organized a Beef Carnival on 28.04.2015

Democratic Youth Federation of India, Tamil Nadu State Committee is organized a Beef Carnival on 28.04.2015 at 5 P.M at Pushpa nagar, Nungambakkam. The main demand with respect to this event was "MY FOOD IS MY RIGHT".

In recent times states like Maharashtra and Haryana which are ruled by BJP led governments have come up with an act which banned slaughtering cow and eating of beef. We, DYFI see this act as undemocratic. This act upholds a particular (in this case brahminical ideology) caste and religions based agenda.

India is a country were secularism is enshrined in our constitution where all citizens of this county have equal right to choose their religious beliefs. This also makes India a land of diverse culture and tradition. Eating beef is part of daily food habit /culture of crores of people in this country and state. We in India and particularly in Tamil Nadu have a history and cultural heritage where multiple traditions have evolved and have been respected. Periyar's Anti-Caste and Anti-Superstition Movements are an important and integral part of this history.

So Acts like these are imposition which rejects secular, democratic principles and upholds Brahminical ideology. This will eventually strengthen the caste system, inequality and communalism in the country.

In fighting against this undemocratic idea we are not alone. Various political parties and their leaders like Thol.Thirumavalavan, President, Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, Kolathur Mani, President, Dravidian Party, Com. G. Ramakrishnan, State sec of CPIM, K. Bhimrao, MLA, Maduravoil, Mr. Tirumalai, All India General Secretary, AIYF, Peter Alphonse, President, Tamil Nadu Congress, A. Marx, Writer and Academician and Com. Rajmohan, State Secretary joined us in solidarity.

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