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Saturday, 20 August 2016 22:08


The Central Executive Committee of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) demands that the laws existing in several states against slaughter of cows and bullocks be repealed immediately. These laws which do not befit a modern Republic must be withdrawn to stop communal and criminal elements from perpetrating violence, murder and humiliation of minorities and Dalits in the name of cow protection. DYFI also extends its support to the demand for land and alternate employment put forward in the Dalit Pride March of 15th August 2016 in Una. The latest atrocity against Dalits in Gujarat’s Gir Somnath district has shocked all sensible people in the country.

15th August 2016 - 70th Independence day. 70 years of Independence and more than 200 years old tradtion of struggle for independence. Unfortunately, our country is being ruled by forces who were not part of this historic struggle for independence. DYFI is commemorating the 70th independence day with a call to the youth of India to join the struggle for restoring the secular traditions of the country. Let us all join hands so that another Akhlaque or Inayatulla khan does not happen. Let us make the circle wider so that they do not dare to kill another Rohith Vemula. Let us bridge the gap so that no other UNA take place. Let us protect our nation from the Gaurakshaks and others. Let us make our country livable for the minorities and the majorities, Dalits.

Thousands gathered at the Una Dalit Asmita Rally and Azadi Kooch. The threats of "Gau Rakshaks" only brought more people on the Streets in open defiance. Jignesh Mevani read out a pledge to give up occupations like disposing carcasses of dead cattle and manual scavenging and demanded alternative employment as well as 5 acres land to all Dalit families. All India Kisan Sabha extended support to the call for Rail Roko on the demand for land. Radhika Vemula, mother of Rohit Vemula hoisted the tricolour and called for Struggle for Azaadi from all kinds of oppression. JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar addressed the meeting. Until Victory Forever!

DYFI Delhi State Committee started off with a new initiative of a "DYFI study Centre". School teachers will help DYFI in educating the underprivileged students in Delhi. Along with education, the children will also be made socially and politically aware. Various awareness sessions were held on the same day through interface with youth.

Atrocities against women has been increasing drastically. There are such terrific coming up from various parts of the country. In Tamil nadu a young lady was hacked to death in broad day light. A dalit girl was brutally raped by upper caste men. A 3 year old child was raped two days back, a lady was burnt for not accepting proposal from a man, there has been many such incidents reported in last one month in Chennai.

Atrocity against women is the bye product of the unabated discrimination in the society. DYFI organised protests to protest these incidents and to open eyes of the authority. We have to challenge patriarchy and we have to set new rules of living with equal rights to woman and man.