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The 10th All India conference of Democratic Youth Federation of India expresses its grave concern over unabated killings in the name of honor and other heinous crimes perpetuated by feudal forces as retribution to young couples who dare to choose their life partners on their own. 

Those who have been following the developments in West Bengal will be familiar with the targeting of and attacks on democratic activists, youth and student workers.

Sunday, 05 February 2017 12:32

Resolution against commodification of sports

Despite having talented young sportspersons, India with a population of over one billion has not emerged as a major contender in international sporting arena, even after seven decades of independence. The Central Government and most of the state governments have not paid proper attention to development of sports infrastructure.  Most of the facilities are in dire straits. Market has taken over the arena of sports. Premier leagues involving millions of rupees in auction of players are being popularized. Big Corporates and celebrities are owners of all the teams in Premier League in Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and Badminton. This is a glaring example of commoditization of sports. 

As rural unemployment is on the rise and has overtaken the rate of urban unemployment, it has created a very grave situation in India. The country is expected to have its “demographic bonus”, the world’s largest working-age (15 to years) population —86.9 core, by 2020. This is expected to be on growing trend up to 2050. It shall turn into “demographic disaster” if the nation cannot cope up with the demand of corresponding rate of employment generation. 

Sunday, 05 February 2017 12:11


This is the centenary year of the Great October Revolution that was the first victory of the international proletariat over capitalism and imperialism that overthrew the bourgeois rule and Tsar. It transferred all powers to the Soviets of Workers and Peasants.