DYFI has written a letter to the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

DYFI has written a letter to the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemning the efforts by Sangh Pariwar to eulogise Nathuram Godse, the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi. The full text of the letter is as follows. Let us unite for INDIA !


Shri. Narendra Modi
Honourable Prime Minister of India

Respected Sir,

According to several reports in the media, certain political groups such as Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha have declared their intention to honour Nathuram Godse by building his statues at public places, building Godse temple, organizing film shows etc.

Along with all the patriotic citizens of our republic, we condemn these heinous proclamations and plans.

Hindu Mahasabha leaders have announced next 30th of January, the martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi, as the day on which foundation stone would be laid for Godse temple and Godse movie would be screened. They have chosen the anniversary of the murder of Mahatma Gandhi to exhort the people to shower praise on the murderer! By such shameless display of their barbarian mindset, these elements have demonstrated that they are true followers of Nathuram Godse.

On behalf of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), we demand that the government of India must firmly disallow all such moves aimed at promoting Godse cult in our country. We further demand that the government of India must instruct all state governments to firmly disallow such activities.

We have observed two trends in the efforts to slowly inculcate respect for Godse. One is to unabashedly vilify Mahatma Gandhi and eulogize Godse. The other is to formally disapprove the act of murdering Gandhiji but at the same time exonerate Godse by suggesting that he also was a patriot though with an ideology different from that of Gandhiji. All these are nothing but cunning ways to legitimize Godse and the poisonous ideas personified by him.

To claim that Godse was a patriot is a disgusting display of dishonesty. Godse did not oppose British imperialists; he did not fight for the freedom of India even as thousands of patriotic Indians were laying their lives in the struggle to liberate India from British imperialism. Godse belonged to that political stream whose leader V.D.Savarkar begged for clemency from the British and, upon gaining his release, totally desisted from working against the imperialists.

Godse had no love for India and the people of India. He was engaged in the business of spreading hatred. According to the vision of India that he shared, crores of Indians belonging to minority communities were to be exterminated or driven out of the country or compelled to live in permanent subordination with no rights. It is such maniacal ideology which prompted Godse and his colleagues to murder Mahatma Gandhi. The current effort to characterise Godse as a nationalist and a patriot is, in fact, part of a plan to spread the ideology of hatred personified by him and take the country to the path of endless violence.

The independent republic of India cannot permit any effort to spread the lie that Godse, the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi, was a patriot. We urge the government of India to strictly disallow all direct or indirect efforts to eulogize Nathuram Godse or be apologetic about him in the public sphere.

                                                                                                                            Thanking You

                                                                                                                           Yours faithfully

MB Rajesh                                                                                                                                                                                                           Avoy Mukherjee
President                                                                                                                                                                                                       General Secretary

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