DYFI CEC condole the death of Delhi gang rape victim.

The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Youth Federation of India condole the death of Delhi gang rape victim. The 23 year old girl had been fighting for her life for the last 12 days despite serious injuries. The heinous crime that took place in a moving bus in the national capital on the night of 16th December, shocked the nation, and the people throughout the country, especially students and the youth come out in thousands in almost daily demonstrations, demanding effective measures by the central and state governments to curtail the increasing crimes against women.

The tragedy has forced India to confront the reality that sexually assaulted women are often blamed for the crime, which forces them to keep quiet and not report it to authorities. Also police often refuse to accept complaints from those who are brave enough to report the rapes and disposal of rape cases are extremely slow as evidenced by records.

The CEC of DYFI calls upon all its units to organize candle light vigil on 30th of December, mourning the girl’s extremely sad death and protesting the awful inactiveness of the central government in bringing out positive measures to curb incidents of sexual violence. The CEC of DYFI also call upon all its units to organize a week long campaign against violence on women which is a manifestation of the deep rooted social norms and cultural values of societies. There is an urgent need to combat these retrograde and anti women values that are dominant in the society. It also urges upon the Central and State Governments to take adequate effective measures ensuring the safety of women and to undertake measures to make police personnel as well as general public more gender sensitive.

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