DYFI CEC expresses deep sorrow in the death & displacement of thousands of people in Kashmir floods

The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Youth Federation of India expresses its deep sorrow in the death and displacement of thousands of people in Kashmir valley floods. The relief efforts have not yet reached in many villages. It is the local people and other aid workers are engaged in relief woks in many of the flood affected areas.

The coordination between Indian military and local authorities is almost nonexistent. The extent of destruction in more remote area is still unclear. The threat of an outbreak of epidemic is also increasing as there are massive shortages for medicines and vaccines in the flood affected areas of the valley.

The CEC of DYFI calls upon all its units to collect relief fund to help flood victims in Kashmir between from 15th to 22nd of September. The CEC also calls upon all sections of the people to support our relief activities in order to help people in Kashmir to return their normal life.

Last modified on Thursday, 30 October 2014 12:24

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