DYFI strongly opposes the ban on beef in Maharashtra.

The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Youth Federation of India strongly opposes the ban on beef in Maharashtra. On 2nd of March 2015 President Pranabh Mukherjee signed off on the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Amendment Act, 1995. There is already a ban in the state on the slaughter of cows. The amended Act puts a blanket ban on the slaughter of bulls, bullocks and calves, too.

The twenty year old bill that has become a law has social, religious and economical implications. It will affect the thousands engaged in the beef industry. It will burden farmers with the well being of animals that are no longer useful.

The push given by the government to a twenty year old bill clearly underlines the divisive agenda of the government. The Hindus-hate-beef concept is not historically correct. Ancient Indian scriptures show that beef has for long been associated with Indian dietary practices.

It wasn’t introduced in India by Muslim rulers. In fact, Cow’s flesh was actually prescribed as medicine. In therapeutic section of Charak Samhita the flesh of cow is prescribed as a medicine for various diseases. It is also prescribed for making soup. It is emphatically advised as a cure for irregular fever, consumption, and emaciation. The fat of the cow is recommended for debility and rheumatism.

The new law comes against a background of religious tension in the country, where violence against churches and forced conversions of religious minorities has become frequent.

The CEC of DYFI calls upon all those who believe in democracy and secularism to stand up against this draconian law of Maharashtra which ridiculously take away citizens’ liberty to choose what to eat.

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