Protect the secular credentials of India.

Today in 2002 was a nightmare to many a citizens of India in Gujarat. On 28th February 2002 began the longest continuous bout of mass violence in India's post independence history. This violence has claimed at least 3000 lives (officially 1000) and lasted more than 75 days.

 Its implications will be with us for much. much longer. Gujarat was a one sided attack, a carnage. A genocide. Nothing Muslim was spared. Through the countless images of death, destruction, barbarism, pathos, two pictures stand out. One appeared on the front page of THE HINDU. This was of a clean-shaven, tears in his eyes, begging for his life, hands folded. The other appeared on the cover of Frontline magazine.

This was another young man, bearded, sporting a cheap, imitation T-shirt and saffron band, arms raised in a gesture simultaneously triumphant and challenging, eyes blazing, brandishing weapons that sought their next victim. We, the youth of India do not want to hunt. Neither want to be the hunted. That which was annihilated in Gujarat was the very idea of a multi-lingual, multi -cultural, multi-national state. We have to stand up and halt this tide of fascist barbarism. DYFI is pledged to protect the secular credentials of India. In 12 years time, Narendra Modi has the guts to dream of ruling India. We, the youth in India will not make this happen...

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