Youth Convention against Commercialisation of Education and Unemployment

As part of the twin struggle against rapid commercialization of education and acute unemployment in Maharashtra, this convention resolves to fight government policies that are causing massive unemployment in our state. This convention’s resolution on Education has pointed many important issues.

It pointed that the major cause of the serious problems faced by students today is Government abandoning its responsibility to provide education. On the question of employment too, the economic policy of India’s Central government contains the same neo-liberal understanding that the government does not have responsibility to create employment opportunities. On the one hand we can see the role of imperialist nations and agencies behind this anti-people economic policy adopted by rulers of our nation. On the other hand we can see that Maharashtra is a state where these policies are vigorously implemented by Congress-NCP government. The so-called main opposition political parties like ShivaSena, BJP, MNS etc uphold the same anti-people policy. What is more, their politics of communalism and regional chauvinism is meant to disarm the people from putting up resistance against the onslaught of unemployment. The democratic student movement and youth movement are aware that massive unemployment is a direct result of economic policy. So, youth and students from all community backgrounds have to be mobilized to reverse the policy and force the government to create employment to all.

Agrarian sector has been in a deep crisis all over India and especially in Maharashtra. As a result rural unemployment has rapidly increased. Whatever expansion we had in industry did not compensate for the crisis in agriculture because the main feature of industrial growth is ‘Jobless Growth’ providing very little employment. Large sections of urban youth are pushed to informal sector which does not give job security or good wages or decent living conditions. The informal sector has a disproportionate share of youth belonging to Dalit, Adivasi and minority communities which have faced systematic exclusion from good jobs in the modern sector.

Now, the crisis is coming to industrial sector. This is leading to increasing unemployment in urban areas. It is for the government to intervene in agriculture and industry with a view to creating employment but it as shown least concern about the worsening situation. The government’s criminal negligence is most glaring in the ban on recruitment, both declared and undeclared. More than 30% posts in The State Government sector are vacant Economic Survey 2012-13 of Maharashtra reveals that there are 25,92,000 notified vacancies in the State Government Sector ! When it comes to Local Self Government bodies, the percentage of unfilled vacancies are nearly 40%. NREGA is very poorly implemented in the state and handed over to middle men. And contractors who eat up a large portion of the wages. In such a grim situation, there are many important issues to be taken up in order to fight rising unemployment in Maharashtra.

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