DYFI 9th All India Conference elects new office bearers

DYFI All India Conference which held at Bangalore concluded its proceedings with the election of its new office bearers. Comrade M B Rajesh MP (Kerala) and Com. Abhoy Mukherje (West Bengal) were elected All India Secretary and President respectively. The conference also elected 62 member Central Committee.

Nine comrades will be inducted in the due course. Comrades Abbas Rai Choudaray, Thapas Dutta, Preethy Sekhar, Velmurukan, M Swaraj were elected vice presidents. Jamir Mulla, Amal Chakarborthy, B Rajasekhara moorthy, Dinesh Sewee, T V Rajesh were elected Joint Secretaries. Comrades Roma Devi, Sanjay Paswan, Pranab Debvarma, Pyarul, N L Bharatraj, Puran Chand, Bhaskara, Ram Rathan Bhagadiay, Rajeep Majumdar were elected as Central Secretariat members.

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