As rural unemployment is on the rise and has overtaken the rate of urban unemployment, it has created a very grave situation in India. The country is expected to have its “demographic bonus”, the world’s largest working-age (15 to years) population —86.9 core, by 2020. This is expected to be on growing trend up to 2050. It shall turn into “demographic disaster” if the nation cannot cope up with the demand of corresponding rate of employment generation. 

At present, the Organized sector is only providing 10%, as the Agrarian sector is providing 47%, of the total generated employment. The rest is from small scale and cottage industries and from the service sector.  Though the country has 51% of its area as arable land, employment elasticity has gone on negative in agriculture. This shall intensify the exodus of the unemployed agricultural labourer and impoverished peasantry to cities and suburbs creating a huge reserve army of the unemployed in the cities; making it easier to cut down permanent jobs there and making most of the workers under-employed or contract workers. It triggers a vicious snow balling effect.Such is the gravity of the result of the rise in rural unemployment.

Also, demonetization, a step by the Narendra Modi government to please the corporate houses, will further aggravate the problem of rural unemployment as it is forcing reverse migration due to rampant job and wage cuts. As Indian industrial and service sector growth is assessed to be jobless growth, due to the LPG policies, and aggravating agrarian distress is intensifying under Modi regime because of its anti-farmer policies and WTO diktat, the said negative employment elasticity is sure to bring disastrous social crisis. So, rural unemployment problem must be chiefly addressed in a planned way for, it is the key issue that once solved shall cause the solution of the whole of the unemployment problem. In order to materialise this, the task of modernization and collective expansion in agrarian production sector must be focused, with prime emphasis on employment generation and social accountability. This can bring in a fresh leap that shall modernize and revamp small industries and cottage industries that have to go wedded with agrarian production.

Local self governments, farmers' co-operative production and governmental agencies must be programmed to work in interwoven nature  with popular participation; and, banks and financial establishments should be directed with executive efficiency to render effective support to this endeavour. This shall substantiate the conscious building up of secular social fabric too. Keeping a keen on this target, as an encompassing solution to rural unemployment, this conference resolves to demand immediate measures from governments to implement facilitating steps to achieve the same and to repeal #LPG policies and WTO dictated measures and also to repeal the anti peasant land acquisition move . We call upon secular and democratic forces to rally for achieving the said goal.

The resolution is adopted unanimously by 10th All India Conference of DYFI

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