Resolution on Moral Policing Featured

The 10th All India conference of the Democratic Youth Federation of India resolves to re-invigorate our struggle against moral policing. There has been a proliferation of violent right-wing groups appointing themselves as guardians of morality, harassing and assaulting young men and women who do not subscribe to their rules of segregation in public. ‘Moral policing’ in educational institutions by authorities themselves passing strictures to segregate girls and boys is another worrying development.   

With the increased political strength of Hindutwa forces, ‘moral policing’ has received a boost. Khap panchayats in Haryana, Shiva Sena in Mumbai, Sreeram Sena in Karnataka, innumerable other such entities in Hindutwa parivar and some fanatical Muslim groups have been indulging in such criminal activities. Every aspect of a woman’s life including her sexuality is to be controlled by men – this is the idea underlying moral policing. This patriarchal world view is sought to be justified based on idiotic notions of the perpetrators about ‘true’ religion and ‘true Indian culture’. Valentine’s day celebrations have become a favourite occasion for these forces to unleash their criminal idiosyncrasies. 

The thinking of self-appointed guardians of morality that they can dictate young men and women how to behave and also mete out punishment for deviations from moral codes dictated by them is an extremely criminal tendency. Such idea of authority over body of another individual is close to psychology of rapists. Psychopaths who indulge in ‘moral policing’ getting political and governmental backing is a symptom of Indian society’s degeneration. This conference calls upon the youth to be conscious of this menace in our society and work for eradicating it.

The resolution is adopted unanimously by 10th All India Conference of DYFI.

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