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This is the centenary year of the Great October Revolution that was the first victory of the international proletariat over capitalism and imperialism that overthrew the bourgeois rule and Tsar. It transferred all powers to the Soviets of Workers and Peasants.

It is proved the prophecies of the enemies of the Revolution that the workers and peasants would not be able to handle complex economic and administrative issues. The world witnessed a spectacular success of the Soviet regime that grew stronger every day, resulting radical changes proceeding with the socialist construction through the epic 5 year plans.

The USSR withstood and rebuffed imperialist military interventions, the counter-revolutionary armies and economic blockades, surpassed Great Depression, repelled and vanquished the malicious attack by the Nazi Germany and the Fascist Imperial Japan and stood firm for world peace. It liberated Eastern Europe, Manchuria and Korea. Helped the sustained liberation struggles in China, Korea, Cuba and Vietnam. It thrived in agriculture, industry and in all of socio economic realms; and, helped the newly independent nations too. The history of 20th century is imprint with these indelible  gains of socialist advance.  

Though the fall of the USSR and many of the former socialist republics inflicted a temporary setback, it never could erase the historic feats of socialist gains and the sound reasoning that was elicited by it. Instead it proved that the temporary socialist set back was caused by ideological political mistakes committed in the course of implementation. 

In the midst of the imperialist crisis that is being aggravated at present, as the expropriation of labour and natural riches by the international Finance Capital has got increased on mammoth scale and due to that the social maladies such as poverty, starvation, unemployment and wars do increase and intensify accordingly, the era of the great struggle between socialism and imperialism is sure to be decided by the tenets set by the Great October Revolution till its final. It heralds that Socialism Is The Alternative.

So, this conference upholds the banner of the Great October Revolution high, with the vigor and resolve to manifest the centenary celebrations successfully.

Long Live Great October Revolution

Death to imperialism and war

Long live Scientific Socialism

The resolution is adopted unanimously by 10th All India Conference of DYFI.

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