The 9th All India Conference of Democratic Youth Federation of India notes with serious concern the growing attempts to raise communal passions in the country for political gains.

The recent ethnic conflict in western Assam is being utilized to fan communal hatred across the country posing threat to the social fabric of India and our National Unity.The statement of Shri L.K.Advani that what is happening in West Assam is an attack by the illegal immigrants from Bangla Desh on Indians is a travesty of truth.This is done to revive the sagging morale of the BJP in the background of the coming elections in the country.The fundamentalist organizations within the minority community are also trying to consolidate the community by raising communal passions.The rumor and hate messages using the social media has created the scare among the workers and students of North East origin in the metropolitan cities of India.This has serious consequence for the unity and integrity of the country.There are also efforts by chauvinistic forces in Mumbai to create a divide between the Dalits and Muslims.This will have serious impact on the unity of the working class which is engaged in fighting the neo-liberal economic policies.

The BJP government in Karnataka has totally communalized politics in the state.Every aspect of social life is being targeted in furtherance of hindutva ideology.The cultural policing has become the common and regular feature of life in the State.The recent incident at Mangalore exposes the political patronage the culprits enjoy. The Muslim and Christians are living in constant fear.The fear of safety and security is being utilized by militant organizations within these communities and efforts are being made to wean away the people from the common struggle of the working and toiling people.

The response of the UPA II government to this dangerous situation is timid and clearly showslack of political will to fight against communal forces both from the majority and the minority communities.The government has failed to instill any confidence with the minority community.Muslims are still waiting for justice in Gujarat.The Christians continue to wait for justice in Odisha and Karnataka.On the other hand there are number of instances where youth from the minorities are targeted and harassed by the police on the pretext of combating terrorism.

The situation is grim.National unity is supreme.National Unity can be protected and strengthened only through a sustained struggle against the communal forces.The UPA II Government lacks the political will and courage to do so.It is the responsibility of the progressive sections of the society and the working class to defeat the machinations of the communal forces and defend the unity of the nation and the unity of the toiling masses.The DYFI has to play an important role in mobilizing public opinion against these communal forces.

This 9th conference of the Democratic Youth Federation of India calls upon the entire working class and progressive sections of the Indian society to join the struggle to fight the communal forces in order to protect and preserve communal harmony and our national unity.

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