Corruption and exploitation have become the symbols of capitalism in India. Post independent India under the continuous governance of Congress Governments looted the wealth of our nation and transformed the country to a mere platform for practicing corruption.

The neo liberal policies planned and implemented by the Congress Governments catalyzed corruption in all walks of life in the country. The rich and affluent in the country has become more rich and powerful and the poor became poorer. Common public were driven out from the mainstream of social life. Public sector in the country was sacrificed to support the corporates out of the way and the common citizens were thrown to utter helplessness.The UPA Government had become a Government of mere looters.After throwing the people in to the deep sea of poverty, disease and starvation, the congress ministers and leaders - the Neros of modern India are enjoying their life in the power centers in at different levels.The Congress Governments are ruling the country sitting on top of a heap of scams starting from Bofors, Urea, Sugar, Telecom (2G) and to the latest coal mine scam or 'Coalgate'.

On one side the UPA Government is taxing the common public heavily and the other side they are giving huge tax exemptions to corporate companies which in turn adds the debt load of the country and passing it on to the shoulders of the poor. Citizens are shocked after hearing about new and new scams involving multi Crore Rupees from the print and visual media.Congress led UPA Government simply swallowed 300 crores in the Adarsh Flat scam, 40,000 crores in the commonwealth games, 11000 crores in the Barack Missile deal, 176000 crores in the 2G scam and 186000 crores in the coalmine scam which is the latest in the series.UPA ministers A Raja and Sukh Ram were put behind the bars in Thihar Jail and leaders including Suresh Kalmadi and Kani Mozhi were also imprisoned for their involvements in various scams. Now the UPA Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh himself is accused in the multicrore coal mine auction scam. Dr Manmohan Singh who stated that his silence is 'stronger than a thousand words' cannot escape from the verdict of the people's court.First of all the Prime Minister need to admit his mistakes.

UPA Government is not taking any steps to bring back the money looted from the public treasure and deposited in the secret accounts of foreign banks. They are not even willing to disclose the details of these secret accounts.The freedom and sovereignty and economic self reliance of the country that we have won by fighting against the British colonialist forces by sacrificing the blood and life of thousands of Indians need to be protected at any cost. Our country is having a history of re-emergence from foreign invasion and slavery. We need to fight to destruct the forts of corruption built up by the UPA Government. The revolutionary youth in the country would like to remind that there is a need of mass movement of the poverty stricken innocent working class of the country to defeat corruption and to protect the sovereignty of the country. We demand a comprehensive system to curb corruption in all walks of life in India.

The 9th All India Conference of DYFI calls for a mass movement against the corrupt anti-people Congress Government in the centre.

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