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Students and Youth of Mumbai gathered against violence and discrimination against Africans in Indian cities on Monday 3rd April, 2017 in front of Mumbai University Main Gate, Kalina Campus. Leaders of DYFI and SFI strongly condemned mob violence against African nationals that occurred in Delhi last week. The protest meeting was addressed by DYFI leaders Preethy Sekhar, Adv. Pradeep Salvi and Prasad Subramaniam, SFI leader Kavita Vare and Progressive Students Forum leader Saqib Khan. All speakers called upon the progressive sections to reaffirm anti-imperialist comradeship and unity of Indians and Africans.

The unfortunate death of a boy due to drug overdose triggered heinous attacks against African community in Greater Noida region of Delhi. A violent mob stormed an apartment where African students are living. The students were wrongly accused to be the cause of drug overdose death and the police followed suit arresting the innocent students without genuine grounds. The students were ultimately released but wide-spread intimidation and violence against Africans continued even after that.

African nationals living in Indian cities have been at the receiving end of many hate crimes in recent years in cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Discrimination against African nationals and scornful behaviour towards them in residential quarters and public places has become ‘normal’ in cities like Mumbai too.

DYFI appeals to all sections of the society to come together against such violence and intimidation. Africans and Indians are victims of colonialism and continue to face imperialist oppression in many ways. Recent hate crimes against Indians living in USA and Australia are expressions of racist imperialism. Indians and Africans are together in the struggle for a world free of imperialism where every human being is assured a life of dignity.

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